Thursday, September 1, 2011


It all started in the mid 1900s when a small child was born to Italian immigrants who had plans to raise an elite running machine...and that they did.  They also raised a lively, talkative, and friendly soul that we have come to know as Monsignor Frank.  Many people have asked where he came from and "Why the hell do you still have that accent?" but no one has ever received an answer they were happy with.  Thus, we have been forced to accept Frank for who he is.
To share his greatness and the things that make us smile about him, I have been asked by him, and Janice, and Sally to create this blog of Frank experiences that should truly make you smile...especially if you know him.


  1. Wtf is this all about???? Hi frank. D miller here

  2. Aaron I would like you to be my publicist. And fee wil be beer and liquids
    Every time we do a race, or a run.

  3. I could sleep last night,after that bluer work out at the river,I was tossen and turning,for a minute I tought Angie was dialog Judge Judy.
    I woken with one word, recognition, the guts woman don't get in nuff recognition
    The started a club that we all are part off, that they run quite well
    Among other things that they that group they are no whining
    If I was ever in a fight I want them on my side,on out side they have panache
    On in side there Charlie Angels.

  4. A friend of mine posted on Facebook, she wanted to no, how a woman can give birth and don't no. I said do you really want the answer,
    She said yes.I said ok
    1. She problem never experience a pregnancy.
    2. She problem wait nine houndred and nine pounds
    3. How in the he'll she ever got pregnant.
    The question should been asked who in the he'll was the guy that enpregnante her, dint he know about the birds and the bees. Dint he not no where the litle bees come from.
    If I offended any one do not rea my blog.

  5. I can't believe you guys trying to give the pizza deliver a beer for his tip .